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You started your creative business because you are driven to create. But you quickly learned that creating is only a small portion of your day. And you’ve had to accept that the legal stuff is a necessary evil of running a thriving creative business.

And every time you hunt for legal answers you find confusing and conflicting information or information written in the foreign language of legalese.

Join the artist’s Courtyard and inject some ease into the legalese of running a creative business.

What's Included:

Legal Mentor

You’ll have a secret weapon—a legal mentor. To guide you, Kiffanie joins the members each month for several calls. You can join live or catch the replay, depending on your schedule.

Monthly Challenges

Each month you’ll be challenged to improve one legal piece of your business. You’ll get the tools and resources you need. You’ll contribute time, energy, and desire to improve your business.

Legal Roadmap

The artist’s Courtyard is filled with hundreds of practical, intuitive legal resources. To save you time, resources are organized on the Legal Roadmap—according to your Creative Business Guide.


We all have different definitions of success, but we know that having legal ducks in a row will help us get there. Here you’ll find a supportive bunch rooting you on and holding you accountable.

Here's what people are saying

Kiffanie is able to take complicated legal aspects related to creative enterprises and convey them in both language and context to make them approachable. I have recommended her before and am sure to do so again. Regardless of the format, I’ve found her explanations both informative and educational even on topics I had already spent time researching.

Margaret McGaffey Fisk

Before I connected with Kiffanie I was a bit lost and overwhelmed with the legal stuff related to running my small art biz. The info I’ve learned from her puts me at ease and gives me clear steps to take charge when faced with difficult legal situations. Kiffanie has such a friendly way of talking about law. It’s like having a best friend who is a lawyer on speed dial, who shows up with helpful tips and subjects you didn’t even realize you needed to pay attention to. And she’s super nice!

Mika Harmony

How to join

Join us for $37/month. Cancel any time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in the artist’s Courtyard? 

You’ll have access to all of the courses, challenges, guides, templates, and resources I create. There are currently more than 100 resources in the artist’s Courtyard and new resources are being created every month.

These resources include past video workshops and webinars, like a six-hour masterclass to help you create your LLC or interviews with Lisa Congdon about working with art directors and building multiple revenue streams. You’ll also find previous monthly challenges, like how to run quarterly and yearly legal check-ups or build your central legal documents file. There’s also written courses and resources like a 24-part course to help you build trust and transparency with your website or templates to send cease and desist letters or DMCA takedown notices.

What kind of businesses should join the artist’s Courtyard?

We are intentionally keeping the artist’s Courtyard community small because we want to assure all our members have a strong legal foundation. We are looking for creative business owners who are ready to take action. Those who are self-starters or will raise their hand and buddy up with another member to help hold each other accountable. Or for those who want to work with Kiffanie on a regular basis on a small budget.

What kind of businesses shouldn’t join the artist’s Courtyard?

If you are looking for an attorney, this isn’t the right place. Kiffanie can’t provide legal advice about how to handle your specific problem and joining the artist’s Courtyard doesn’t make her your attorney. If you don’t have the time, energy, or desire to do the work and support the community, this isn’t the right place for you.

How do the calls work and what if I miss them?

Each month, we’ll have two to four member calls. Depending on your needs (and Kiffanie’s schedule) these calls might be Q&As, masterminds, or mini-workshops. The calls will usually be held on Tuesdays at 1 PM Pacific | 4 PM Eastern.

During these calls, Kiffanie (and anyone she invites in advance) will be broadcast via video. And the remaining participants can communicate with her via a chat window. (Which means you can join in your PJs!). If you can’t tune in live, you’ll have access to the recording and depending on the kind of call, you can submit your questions in advance.

Can I cancel at any time? 

Yep! No contracts or commitments here. You can cancel at any time with just a single click from your member profile page.



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