You don’t need to do every legal task now

However, if you do these 5 small legal tasks–you are not only far ahead of most creative businesses but well on your way to legally protecting your business.

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    Overwhelmed is an understatement about how I felt about the legal side of my business. But since finding Kiffanie, I’m feeling excited that it’s all manageable.

    Holly Shively

    By the end of this challenge, you’ll:

    • have completed these five critical tasks
    • feel confident that you did them correctly
    • have new skills so you can start identifying other legal tasks that will help secure your business’ legal foundation

    Are you tired of:

    • wondering which legal tasks are most important?
    • worrying that your business isn’t set up correctly?
    • fearing that you won't figure out what's legally important until it’s too late?

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    In it, you'll learn the 5 must-do legal tasks every creative business should tackle. And how these tasks will set your creative business up to achieve your big goals.

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