Do I need to register my copyrights?

In the United States, your copyright is automatic. So why bother registering it with the U.S. Copyright Office?

Because it can mean the difference between getting something or nothing from your copycat.

But how do you know which copyrights you should register? And how can you do it without breaking the bank?

That's exactly what we covered in this free workshop.


October 28, 2020
1:00pm Pacific Time

Watch the replay and walk away knowing:

  • the two magic windows you should register your copyrights in
  • the two HUGE benefits you get from registering within those windows
  • why copyright registration gives you a baseball bat when dealing with copycats
  • how to decide what to register
  • how to register without breaking the bank

Taught by Kiffanie Stahle

In addition to being your friendly legal eagle, Kiffanie Stahle is a photographer, fellow creative business owner, and lawyer traveling around the west in her RV with her pup Ozzy. Kiff firmly believes that you can protect your ass(ets) without legal confusion. And that you can have ease in the legalese of running your creative business.


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